If you've heard the other demos,

then it's time for

The Bonus Round!


Fun Facts!

Bob drove the "On Camera Hero Cars" in TV commercials for many auto makers, dealer groups, and B.F Goodrich Tire Company, including jumping an Oldsmobile coupe through a giant magazine cover, and jumping a Chevy 4x4 over the (large) camera setup.

Besides driving advanced prototypes from Ford in tire commercials, Bob raced SCCA Solo II in various race cars.

Bob is one of the few, (if not the only person) to drive a guards red Porsche 911 turbo on the sand dunes at White Sands National Monument, legally for a commercial. 

Bob's radio show on ABC FM station WRQX in Washington DC also was popular in Baltimore, pulling good ratings in both cities!

Bob has filmed tractor trailer drivers doing full-on broadsides in fully loaded tractor trailer rigs. The rest is classified.

Bob went to high school in Puerto Rico and was a photographer for the school newspaper and was an actor and lighting crew in the theatre.

As a senior in HS, Bob won a full scholarship to NMSU for playing a British Correspondent in a Russian "Theatre of the Absurd" play. The judge was a British professor.

The mountain Bob lives on in central New Mexico has proven reserves of gold, silver, turquoise, and garnets. Bring a shovel.

Bob has owned over 50 vehicles including a 1967 Shelby GT500 Mustang, a 1974 Kawasaki Z1 900, and a classic Caddy limo. The LS Lexus is his favorite.